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Working in the Indian Shipping Industry in the 21st Century

Stock Image: Captain of the Ship at the Deck

When we first started our careers in the shipping industry we joined a Shipping Company where there was a great deal of personal face to face contact and interaction with all stake holders. Moreover it was then viewed as a laid back industry where the ships stayed back in port for days on an end.

But times have now changed where gigantic ships with massive amounts of cargo have to be turned around in port, in the shortest time. All this has been brought about through greater infusion of technology that has necessitated the need for a different skill set and approach that at times is both uncomfortable and scary.

With the changes of continuous merging of smaller shipping companies with the larger ones  so occurring  so frequently more often than not  leaves one seriously worried as to what is to happen next and what does it mean as far as one’s career is concerned.

Even industry veterans need to take control of our lives and ‘re-invent ourselves’. It is essential to study the new opportunities that are evolving and matching it with the skills that we already possess along with what needs to be done next to and stay ahead by being relevant in these rapidly evolving times.

The good news is that each time a major change takes place; we have involuntarily re-invented ourselves several times before but are only left with an instance of deja vu. So the way forward is to have a ‘focused approach’ where we cannot have the future find us but instead work on a vision that will help us manage the changes occurring in this industry.

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